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    ?Our R&D Dept. consists engineers and technicians, with skills consisting of and from making moulds by hand, forging, casting, machining, welding and painting.

    We have integrated the most recent software’s available, from AutoCAD, UG, Pro/Engineer for our engineers and technicians, empowering them to take full advantage of the systems to be more creative and innovative for our latest designs.

    R&D New Product Design Documents:?
    Customer request?
    Market analysis?
    Feasibility study?
    Computerized design?
    Mold design?
    Mold production?
    Sample assembly?
    Road test?
    Register with the National Products catalog?
    CE and DOT certification(Optional)
    Batch production?
    Market testing?
    Mass production?

    R&D Machinery / equipment:?
    3-coordinate measuring machine?
    Steel components analyzer?
    CAD and CAM software such as UG, Pro/E, Catia and CAE?
    Chassis powertest machine?
    Engine endurance tester?
    Electric whirlpool power tester?
    Salt spray testing cabinet?
    Emission analyzer?


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